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Texas Style Chili


It took ten experimental years of testing to develop our chili spices  and seasonings from a recipe originating in a Texas family whose roots precede the Battle of the Alamo. Handed down from generation to generation the original chili recipe has won
four World Championship Chili CookOffs.
We are not sure when it happened, but the patriarchs of the family took over the chili making. The advice was always the same – use good meat, tasteful seasoning and leave it alone!
 No one dared to get creative and add things like bell peppers, or other "stuff floatin’ around" or they were laughed out of the kitchen.
So, what you are getting with our spice package is a surefire  way to make the best tasting chili with the least amount of effort. Unlike most chili spice blends, our spice pack contains all the necessary ingredients, and when combined with 2 lbs. of your choice of meat, water and one small (8oz) can of tomato sauce, you can serve four to six guests in less than hour
(chili-grind or chunk takes a little longer).
You can get creative and serve it over a taco salad; add a dab or two of sour cream, chives and cheese over the bowl of chili; the ever popular chili pie with Fritos, cheese and onions; drizzle it over french fries, or combine the chili with a bar of Velveeta cheese for a fabulous dip. Whatever the combination, you never lose the extraordinary flavor of our Texas Style chili.
The chili freezes beautifully which means you can always have some on hand, because if you are a chili lover, we guarantee you will not want to be without it!
Once again we must warn you – don’t enter a chili cook off with it – if there are chili aficionados there you will be discovered!